Paul decided to return to biking last July after a gap of twenty years. Back in those days, as you know, CBT wasn’t around, and he rode a Honda Superdream 250cc on L plates. So away he went and completed the CBT, Direct Access and the Test and away we went!

I was new to biking, I hadn’t ridden pillion before and I was horrified about the whole thing. I needn’t have worried, I took to it like a duck to water, and love every minute of it, and we spend every minute we can when we aren’t working out and about.

The 41-81 Club was an idea dreamed up one lunchtime in Safeway’s Cafe, with suggestions thrown in by Colin and Lisa (owners of the Lazy Wave Cafe - far end of Shanklin Esplanade), who unfortunately haven’t been able to attend one of the rides yet because of work commitments.

July 2001saw us off on our first touring trip on the Mainland down to Devon, we had seven days without rain (hard to believe, I know). We had a great time and can thoroughly recommend the Devon area for touring as it isn’t too far away and very scenic.

We look forward to the Club growing in the future and we really enjoy meeting all types of biking enthusiasts.

I booked my CBT and Direct Access - can't beat them - join them

Well! success, I passed in September 2003
I now have a Dragstar 650, see you on the next run.

2010 Update: Since the early days the Club has really moved on. We have a large membership which you can view on the membership page and very often have upwards to 30 riders join our monthly runs.

We have covered some 70,000 miles since we started, 50,000 of which were on Paul's Pan European ST1300. Paul has also achieved AIM membership, and occasionally members have asked him to give their wives a pillion ride with a view to them joining their husbands as pillions, many have, and now share their husbands passion for bikes.

We also have had quite a number of biking holidays with club members which have included The Lake, The Dales, The Peaks and trips to France and Switzerland. These are always memorable, not only for the beauty of the area visited, but for the friendships which have formed. Some of the trips are highlighted on the Club Site under member's experiences.

In 2006 we started the Wightbiker Scene on Shanklin Seafront (Summer: April - September every Wed 6.30pm) (Winter: Sunday Mornings from 9.30) these gatherings have proved hugely popular, and attract upwards of 160 bikes in the Summer, the variety of bikes is the amazing thing, for a small area the Isle of Wight has a very diverse range of machines and riders.

2015 Update
The Club continues as do I, during 2013 I changed by Pan (after 12 great years) for a BMW K1600 GTLE which was a dark red/brown, I covered 7,000 + miles including a 12 day trip to Scotland. It was in for it's first annual service and I noticed the same bike with a few additions called the Exclusive the deal was done and here I am 8,000 miles later including a 10 day trip to Southern Ireland. This bike takes some getting use to, its heavy to move around but once its on the move it is a docile kitten or a charging Bull, we love it.

We also have quite a number of young riders, some with L Plates join our monthly runs and a few police members, I mention this because we promote Safe Sensible Riding and members and pillions feel safe with the Club, but accidents do happen even to the most careful rider, so the message is: never relax from observing In Front, The Road Ahead, To The Side and Behind, on long trips take frequent breaks and keep the speed in check. We look forward to seeing you in the future.