Overview of the 4181 Club. Formed in 2002 and apart from promoting Safe Sensible Riding for Pleasure, the club is about people from all walks of life enjoying a get-together once a month for a ride-out and the chance to chat with other members about motorcycling. The style, age and size of the bikes are not important, in fact the
wider the range the better.

There is no cost to join the club. New members are always welcome, many have become regulars, so if you are planning to join us, do it, you will enjoy the ride, and you will enjoy the chat we all have, it is also a great way to see so many different bikes,
scooters and trikes.

The Club has occasional mainland runs, which is great if you have not ridden on the mainland before, because it gives the feeling of security, many who have joined us have had a great day out as we always, where possible, plan routes on minor roads with great views. We also have links with the local Advanced Riders Group. Some of our members have taken this training and are always pleased to pass on what they have learned. At the end of the day it is all about the safety of anyone who rides a motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Club for the all Riders, Promoting Safe Sensible Riding for Pleasure.

Every type of biker welcome.
Every type of machine welcome.

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